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Jun 21 12 3:27 PM

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This forum is for each team to post a page with their Trade Block and Team Wants. It is suggested that you include the players overall rating as well as what scheme you run. This helps in evaluating talent. You should also state what that player is making this current season as well as next season. It is also suggested you list how much cap space you have available so others know if you can take on more salary or if you are in need of dumping some salary. Besides posting players you want to trade you should also post what types of players you are looking to acquire. Try to keep your trade block up to date and post the date that you have made any updates. No one want to spend time trying to acquire a player who is no longer available. We shouldn't see someone on your trade block who you traded away 2 weeks ago. Remember that if you discuss trades in here other owners can see what you are discussing. PM's, league chat, and xbox live are good for discussing trades as well.
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