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Jun 19 12 3:34 PM

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Be Courteous: We are all here for the same reason, to play football and have a good time doing it. So be polite and understanding to other peoples point of view.

No Calling People Out on the Forums: Don't call people out on the forums. Don't air your dirty laundry in public. If you think a violation was committed send the commissioners a PM. Don't post it in the public. Scouting Reports are not allowed in the league. The posting of scouting information may result in a league strike. We don't need arguments and name calling on the boards. If you call somebody out you might end up with a strike. Since most violations are an accident or a result of forgetfulness most of the time if you talk to the person in game an agreement can be reached then and there and nobody has to get pissy, and the commissioners don't have to waste there time dealing with it. If you can't resolve between yourselves send a PM and we will investigate the matter.

Check Back Often: We are going to be playing one game every 3 days so check the forums often. You probably should be checking back at least once a day. That will help you stay up to date on what is going on. It will help make sure you games get scheduled and it will help you keep on top of any trade PMs people have sent you. We have now introduced a mandatory scheduling thread to cut back on scheduling problems, so if you are aren't checking back and using it you will end up getting penalized. Once you play your game for the week you should go ahead and start trying to schedule your next weeks game with your opponent. Communication and participation are key to making a league work.

Communication: Respectful communication is key to the functioning of the league. The commissioners will primarily try to communicate any and all important announcements via PM (when we are feeling nice we may also send out a reminder via Xbox Live). So make sure you have your settings set such that you get notified via email of new PMs and make sure these notifications are not landing in your SPAM filter. We send out a couple every week. If you need to communicate with the commissioner's the best way to communicate with us is via PM. You can also send us WRITTEN messages via Xbox Live. Please DO NOT send us voice messages VIA Xbox Live, we check most of the Xbox Live messages via a computers, throughout the day, we cannot listen to your message when we do this and it will just be deleted.

Scouting Reports: Please don't post them. We understand this will make some people unhappy, but this is to ensure that one team does not know more than another team because one opponent had time to write a scouting report while the other opponent didn't. We do encourage you to scout by looking at statistics in Madden such as pass/run percentage, favorite receivers etc. You can even look at scoring summaries of past games.

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