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Jun 19 12 12:30 PM

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We are an Xbox 360 Madden NFL 25 Football League. We were created in June of 2012 and we ran 5 successful seasons last year. We were founded on the idea that people who enjoy playing Madden shouldn't have to put up with people who are disrespectful, take things too seriously, cheat, exploit AI, make it difficult for you to schedule your games or are generally just unpleasant to deal with. In other words we don't allow douchebags. We do believe in simulating the real NFL experience as much as possible, but we also try to recognize it is a football game. As such we are a 21 and up league. If you think you would be interested in joining our league, read our rules and considering signing up.

Dr. Chuck

Chicago Bears
Season 1: 8-8
Season 2: 12-4
Season 3: 5-11
Season 4: 13-3
Season 5: 10-6

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