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Managing Your Team

Moving your Team:Teams can be moved but they can only be moved once and they can only be moved after you have been with the team for 12 consecutive regular season games. The rule concerning the number of moves applies to the team not the owner, this means if you are taking over a team that has already been moved once you will not be allowed to move it again.

Moves must be requested an approved by the commissioners. This is not to stop you from having fun this is to minimize owners moving their team and then leaving the league making it more difficult for us to recruit an owner for the now moved team. Madden 25 will not allow any team to be moved to a vacated city so we cannot 'simply move it back'

If we suspect you are intentionally trashing a team just so you can move it we will not allow the move.

Hiring a New Coach: This is only allowed during the offseason. Coaches cannot be part of trade deals, so please don't ask, and please don't try it.

Trades: On and unlimited before the trade deadline. All trades must be approved by the commissioners before they are accepted. You will post trades you have agreed upon in the appropriate thread for approval. Once both owners have agreed to a trade and it has been accepted by the league commissioners that trade is binding and will occur. This means you will have to sort out any salary cap or roster size issues that result.

Remember to keep your trade block current. This will make it easier for people to know what you are willing to trade and what you are looking for.

In general we expect most trades to be approved. Very rarely is a trade truly and completely "equal" as the teams have different needs and priorities. We will probably approve nearly all trades. If one team seems to get more than the other then that is OK as long as it is not completely absurd. If a team has made multiple trades and appears to be heading in the wrong direction talent wise their trade may not be approved if it results in them starting to become unable to be competitive talent wise in the league.

In general there should only be a few reasons why a trade is not approved: 1. Collusion. 2. Completely ridiculous trade. 3. If the trade results in the team being unable to be competitive from a talent perspective. 4. It appears you are mortgaging your franchises future, we need to be sure we can find replacement owners for all teams if owners decide to leave.

In Season Free Agency: Free Agency is closed during the season. We will conduct a Free Agent draft every season but until EA gives us better tools so that in season Free Agency isn't strictly first come first serve, Free Agency will be closed except during draft periods. The Free Agent draft rules might very every season and will posted in a separate thread in the Commissioners Desk at the appropriate times.

Cutting Players: Any player you cut, whether it be during the preseason or during the regular season cannot be resigned by you until the beginning of off season free agency bidding. Make sure cutting a player does not take you below the league required team minimum of 50 players.

Player substitutions: Only the following player substitutions are allowed
K for P
P for K
DE for DT
DT for DE
OLB for DE
DE for OLB
CB for SS or FS
SS or FS for CB
SS for FS
FS for SS
FB for HB
HB for FB
FB for TE
TE for FB
TE for 4th or 5th WR
HB for 4th or 5th WR
All OL is interchangeable

Roster Size: Madden should have built in restrictions on the maximum roster size. The minimum roster size is 50 players.

Salary Cap: As set by Madden NFL 25

Frequency of Advances: 72 h, 48 h during the playoffs, preseason will be simmed.

Time of Advances: 10pm Eastern, unless everyone finishes early

General Procedures

Season 1 Kickoff: The first season will kickoff on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013. This is to give everybody a chance to get their copy of the game and maybe get a practice game or two in.

Adding People to Your Xbox Friends List: We are going to require you to have the other people in your division as well as your next 4 opponents and both of the commissioners (Bears and Bucs, The 13fhApostle) on your friends list at all times (for a total of 9). This will help facilitate communication. We strongly encourage you to add as many of the other people in the league to your friends list as possible.

Communication: We insist that you wear your headsets. Many people are using the Kinect these days to audible plays before the snap of the ball, as a result we don't expect you to be chatting it up with your opponent the entire game, but we do expect you to be prepared to respond if your opponent has a question or a concern. A lot of problems can be resolved quickly If you just talk to your opponent. Many rule violations are unintentional and can be settled between the two players before being kicked up to the commissioners.

Vacations/leave of absence: Let us know when you are going to be gone and set your team to autopilot. If you fail to set your game to autopilot while you are on vacation this may result in a strike. We will probably slow down the season around Thanksgiving and Christmas to accommodate people who want to spend a little time with their families.

Scheduling: Keep your contact information and availability up to date. I encourage you to post information to text message you HERE. If you are uncomfortable posting that information give it to the commissioners. This will make it easier to schedule games with your opponent. We expect you will start trying to schedule your game shortly after the week advances. And we recommend you start trying to schedule your game BEFORE the week advances. There is a MANDATORY scheduling thread that we expect everybody to use, but you can also use XboxLive, text message, email, or any other means you and your opponent find convenient. There are rules governing the use of the scheduling thread and they can be found HERE. You should try to contact your opponent no later than the advance to start the week by PM, XboxLive AND whatever means they have left in the scheduling thread. This means don't just do one, but use them all. If you have done this and 48 hours has passed without a response from your opponent contact the commissioners. After checking the scheduling thread they will set your opponent on auto. We will not keep owners who are not actively trying to schedule their games. Scheduling your games in a timely fashion is just one of the responsibilities that comes with joining a league. Try to keep in mind other players have lives too and the sooner they know when they are playing their game the sooner they can plan other things.

To avoid late start games, games cannot be scheduled later than 8:45 pm on the night of the advance, all games must be completed by 10 pm ET on the night of advance.

Phone Numbers: We discussed having each of you give us your phone numbers for texting purposes but decided against it. I don't want to be your nanny, so play your games. You are free to exchange contact information with each other. If people fail to play their games I'll have to add your number as a stipulation as playing, and then I'll have to send you harassing text msgs all the time. Nobody wants that. Communicate with each other. Play your games.

Dr. Chuck

Chicago Bears
Season 1: 8-8
Season 2: 12-4
Season 3: 5-11
Season 4: 13-3
Season 5: 10-6

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