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Aug 20 12 5:12 PM

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This table is used by NFL teams to help them assess the value of a draft pick when trading picks for other picks. For example the #4 overall pick is worth 1800 pts in a trade. If the 8th team drafting wanted to trade up the the #4 pick they may have to give up their #8 (1st round) and #40 (2nd round) overall picks to get it because their point values sum to 1900.

This is just a tool you can choose to use or not in make trades that involve draft picks. We will not be approving or denying trades based on this table, but may look at it to make sure somebody isn't trying to give their picks away.


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Aug 20 12 5:28 PM

Re: Draft Pick Trade Table

Even if you are not sure where you or the other team is drafting at (trades at the beginning of the season) this chart can still be useful to see the approximate value of being early in the round, middle of a round, or late in a round.

Again this is not an absolute but gives you a rough idea of the approximate value of draft picks.

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