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Sep 22 12 3:13 PM

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Would like people to have an alternate way to contact you to schedule your game?

If you are comfortable doing it go ahead a number people can text you at in this thread, also feel free to post an IM or an alternative email address if you want.

If you would rather you can also PM me a number to text you at, and I will keep it private and will only use it to help other people schedule a game with you.

Dr. Chuck

Chicago Bears
Season 1: 8-8
Season 2: 12-4
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Season 4: 13-3
Season 5: 10-6

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May 14 13 10:15 PM

Re: Text, IM, Email, or Other way to contact you.

Team: 49ers for Madden 25
Text number: (302)-437-6958
Good times to play: I'm a college student with a pretty erratic schedule but I'm relatively flexible and usually evenings are best for me.

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Aug 16 13 2:12 PM

Re: Text, IM, Email, or Other way to contact you.

Team: Titans
Text 615-796-7260 this is the best way as I'm not always on xbox live everyday.

TN Titans - Superbowl or bust


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