Dec 22 12 11:46 PM

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The main race
At 8-2, the Buffalo Bills look to be the front-runner in the AFC to lock up a playoff berth for the second year in a row. Even though they have some tough opponents like Oakland and Dallas ahead, P. Phillips and company look to finish the season at an estimated 13-3.
Three teams are currently at 7-3 in the AFC including the Jags, Steelers, and Chargers. Obviously, these teams are all in full control of their own destiny, but each of them should face tough competition week in and week out. The Jags and the Chargers may have a tougher time than the Steelers as up and coming teams like the Chiefs (6-4), Raiders (6-4), and Texans (6-4) are not far behind that 7-3 mark. Some key match ups to keep an eye on include:
Week 12: KC/SD, PIT/SEA,
Week 13: OAK/SD, JAX/HOU
Week 14: OAK/BUF
Week 15: PIT/ARI
Week 16: HOU/KC

Not far behind
But.... don't count out the following teams just yet: Jets (5-5), Dolphins (6-4), Bengals (5-5), & the Browns (4-6). If I had to make a prediction right now, I'd say the Bengals have the best chance of these teams to make the playoffs as the new coach seems to finally have this organization headed in the right direction.

Stay tuned
Stay tuned for the week 12 overview of the NFC playoff race. Anything could happen in these final weeks of season 2 so I'll try to keep everyone updated with what's happening around the league. This will include looking at injury updates, key game results, and key players stepping up or not showing up.

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