Dec 27 12 11:33 PM

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What happened this past week?

Led by Mario Williams’ seven-sack performance, the Buffalo Bills moved to 9-2, thus separating themselves from the Dolphins (7-4) by 2 games. Speaking of the Dolphins, Miami has made their case as to why they are a solid wild-card contender this year after handling the Broncos 56-34. With the recent news of John Madden Jr.’s retirement, the road ahead for the Bills looks favorable, but could this be a bad thing? They appear to be a lock for the playoffs, but will they be able to handle the competition once they get there? Only time will tell. Let’s not forget about the Jets quite yet. This 6-5 squad has put together some nice victories lately as they have won the last 4 out of 5 games, and it wasn’t against any slouch teams. Those victories came against Oakland, New England, New York (Giants), and Jacksonville. It was a battle of Mike Wallace against Santonio Holmes in last week's game against Jacksonvile, as the Jets pulled it out 59-38.

The AFC South race has certainly picked up as the Jags are currently at 7-4 and the Texans at 6-5. A big game in week 13 where these two teams meet may just be the deciding factor in this close race. Key players in this game should be MJD and Arian Foster. Whoever has the better game between those two, should lead their team to victory. Obviously, it looks like a do or die situation for Houston, so that head coach better get his team to show up this week. Look for Houston to step up in a big game situation.

The AFC North got a little shaky after this week as well. Pittsburgh came up just short against the early super bowl favorite, Seattle Seahawks. This could potentially allow the Bengals (6-5) and Browns (5-6) to sneak up and win the division. The Browns were considered out of the race, but they could still do it after a solid win against Houston 31-21. The Bengals also went out and grabbed a win against the 49ers 28-21. Surprisingly, Jason Campbell was the MVP of that game. Let’s see if he can continue this play down the stretch.

In the AFC West, you get the sense that the Chargers and Chiefs are more at ease with the announcement of resignation by Oakland’s head coach. Before this announcement, Oakland was a true contender in the west, but now, it will come down to either the Chiefs (7-4) or Chargers (7-4). These two teams just played it down to the wire in week 12 as the Chiefs came out on top 22-18. Once again, Jamaal Charles proved why he deserves to be among the list of best running backs in the NFL as he piled up 101 yards and 1 touchdown against that stingy run d. With D. Poe and T. Jackson still out for Kansas City, they will have to find some help up front if they want to make another playoff appearance.

Week 13 games to keep an eye on:


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