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Aug 9 13 3:14 PM

Re: Xbox One

The 13fhApostle wrote:
I'll be picking up the Xbox One once I can afford it. I'm at a point in my life were having all the mulitmedia stuff is just as important to me as the gaming part. I also have a long running hatred of Sony, I haven't bought a product from them that hasn't crapped out or falling to pieces.

I also feel like the backtracking by MS shows they are trying to listen to the customer even if they didn't get it right the first time. Its funny when people lambast a company for being a dick, and then lambast them for backtracking and trying to do the 'right thing'.

All of the online stuff and DRM stuff is probably the way of the future, MS just jumped the gun on it. I actually read some stuff that said Sony intentionally let stuff leak to MS saying they were going to be doing the same thing so they could pull the rug out from MS.

I still think the online stuff could have worked out for MS had they gone about their marketing push differently. There were a lot of cool features that were going to come along with that, that have now been lost. Everybody was focused on the once a day check in and DRM instead of the coolness and advantageous and that is not controlling the msg. MS should fire a lot of their PR people. I think Mattrick leaving was best for everybody. MS also didn't think through the DMR completely. They should have had something in place for offline play from the start, when the msg starts to become about how troops oversees aren't going to be able to play Halo or COD or whatever you know you are in trouble.

I think they completely lost me when the one Microsoft guy (possibly Mattrick can't remember) was asked about DRM and always on-line and the issues that it presented right after the launch announcement and he replied something along the lines of "we already have something for those people, it's called Xbox 360." I was like f*** this guy and Microsoft, I'm out.

Edit: Yup, Mattrick was one of the guys that said it: ... -xbox-360/

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The 13fhApostle

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Aug 10 13 10:23 AM

Re: Xbox One

StrokeMyBigEgo wrote:
I'll be interested in what Microsoft does with backward compatibility. The transfer to 360 was terrible. I understand you want people to buy games on the new console, but I want to be able to play the games I already have. From what I've read, you may not be able to do that for many games.

I think the verdict on backwards compatability is pretty much it ain't going to happen at all. The only small (very small) consolation is you will probably be able to pass the 360 signal through the Xbox One, which means you can easily switch between a 360 game and a One game and only take up one port of on the back of your TV. Of course you will stil have to have your 360 right there, hooked up, and turned on.

I think backwards compatability is important, but when I'm truthful with myself I realize I very rarely play old games. I"d probably be better off renting most titles.

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Sep 3 13 9:27 PM

Re: Xbox One

G3t Shot wrote:
Yea, apparently they backtracked on the not being able to buy pre owned games too. However, I've read that virtually everything about the ps4 will be better. From graphics to controller capabilities to the PS4 eye (kinect).

Xbox 1's backtracking may get me back on the fence before the release dates, but as of now I'm still planning on a ps4.

BUT, I'm still getting madden 25 for 360, so I'm looking forward to another year with the league.

I was in the same boat as you, but decided on the PS4. Now that the Kinect isn't required is good, but they won't sell the console without it, therefore forcing a $100 charge for something most don't care about. Sure, they backtracked, but they lied through their teeth. They said they couldn't change it because the DRM, Kinect etc. were hardware. But now they say they have a day one update. Now, unless they have some crazy tech, which MS hasn't proven to be ahead of Sony in that department, the only way an update could have any effect is if it's all software.

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