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Jun 17 13 7:00 PM

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Just wanted to let everybody know that some changes are coming to the forums. as our last madden 13 season winds down Apostle and I will be doing some housekeeping on the forums......deleting/moving old stuff around to make way for madden 25. And making some new things for Madden 25. Besides housekeeping we will also be conducting the selection process for Madden 25 teams and be recruiting again so we will be rolling with a full league come madden 25.

when new information come available on Madden 25 we will also post/link it up here as well.
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Jun 18 13 9:02 AM

Re: upcoming changes

I have some ideas about new rules for Madden 25.

1) I think we need a scheduling thread where each game can be scheduled each week. This will require owners coming to the forum to work out a time to play their game. If no action is taken by one owner for a particular game within 24 hours of advance, the owner that tried to schedule gets to pick a time that is convenient for them and if the other owner can't play then, they are put on auto. If neither owner attempts to set game up, then game is simmed after all other games are played. I think this could really help the forums stay active, as we will have all owners checking in more regularly.

2) Contract rules. I have seen other leagues that limit the number of years that can be offered to a player. Some also mandate a minimum signing bonus. Adding some rules like this could help with player turnover.

Just some stuff I've been thinking about to help make the league even better.

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