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By far our biggest complaint last season concerned people not mixing up their plays. Because of this I thought it worthwhile to make a post explaining what is not considered mixing up your plays and what is.


Run/Pass Ratio: This is not the be all and end of mixing up your plays but it is a good place to start. If you are passing the football more than 70% during a game you are NOT mixing up your plays. If you only throw the football (or nearly only) during the first 3 quarters of the football game and then run the ball only during the 4th quarter to make your Run/Pass Ratio look good this is NOT mixing up your plays.

Mixing up your plays means during the course of the game you call both run and pass plays throughout. This might mean you call run run pass the first 3 downs and pass pass pass the next 3 downs and then follow that with pass run run. It doesn’t matter as long as you are calling both run and pass plays in a decent ratio during the entire game you are mixing up your plays as far as the Run/Pass Ratio is concerned.

Players: An easy one for us to detect is whether or not you target 1 player too much. If you are only throwing to your TE or only throwing to a particular WR this is NOT mixing up your plays. Spread the ball around.

Play Calling: You also need to mix up your play calling. If you calling All Slants 15 times a game this is NOT mixing up your plays. Calling All Slants from I-formation and then going over to Shotgun and calling All Slants is NOT mixing up your plays. Your play book can hold ~400 plays. Use them! There are limited number of runs, in a general sense you can only run left right or middle, so we have typically been a little more lenient on this but we still expect you to try your best to mix in different kinds of runs in different directions. That should be easier in M25 with the improved blocking and the HBs not tripping over the OL as easily.

Routes: Don’t over abuse routes. Maybe you love the TE seam or you love the WR post. If you are calling very different plays but they all have TE seams in them this is NOT mixing up your plays. Go into the lab and learn out to throw other routes.

Audibles: You thought you were clever you went into Shotgun and called All Verts. At the line of scrimmage you hot route all your WRs to slants. This is NOT mixing up your plays. Just because you called a different play doesn’t make it so. It’s the play you run that matters. See the comment on routes above.

Defense: We expect you to mix up your play calling on defense as well. Just because you don’t have the football doesn’t mean you are off the hook.

Man Coverage: Early signs suggest man coverage won’t be as dominate in M25 but even if it is if you are calling Man Coverage the vast majority of the game you are NOT mixing up your plays.

Press Coverage: Pressing nearly every single play is not mixing up your plays. This was a big complaint last year. Stop it.

Zone Coverage: Just like Man Coverage you shouldn’t be calling Zone Coverage all the time. Mix it up, call both Man and Zone Coverages.

Blitzing: If you haven’t caught on to the general theme by now you should have. Don’t blitz every single play. It’s fine to mix in a good dose of blitzes but not every play all game long.

Showing Blitz: This is no different from blitzing. You can show blitz on occasion but not every play.
I just spent a lot of words to say would should be a very simple topic. MIX UP YOUR DAMN PLAYS.

But somebody isn’t mixing up their plays: First don’t quit the game. If you do, you will find yourself gone from the league. If somebody isn’t mixing up their plays you should know exactly what is coming and if you know what is coming you should be able to stop it. It is your job to do so.

After the game you can file a complaint via PM to both of the commissioners. We will be keeping track of complaints (both who is complaining and who is having complaints lodged against them) and administering DB points as necessary" We will proactively check with all your opponents if we have an indication that you are not mixing up your plays and DB points will be administered as necessary.

I hope this clears up some of the questions concerning mixing up plays. It really should be a straight forward concept. Let’s have an event free year.

Dr. Chuck

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