Aug 24 13 6:48 AM

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As time goes on both of your commissioners find themselves with increased work, and family responsibilities, not to mention interest in other games besides Madden. We are projecting that our non-madden responsibilities will slowly, yet steadily be increasing through the fall, winter, and into the spring of 2014. With that in mind we are looking for people who want to take on more of a leadership role in the league. Slowly at first but with increasing responsibilities as time goes by. We made a list of different types of leadership things that we are looking for help with. Some are very easy, don't take very long and don't need to be done that often. Others are not that easy and take more time. Of course we have lots of things in between those extremes as well. If you are interested in taking on more of a leadership role in the league please let us know and we will send to you a Leadership Application Form for you to fill out and submit back to us. This will help us in finding a good role for you.