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This is the offseason scheduled as viewed through the eyes of a team that doesn't make the playoffs. When staff resigning and hiring periods are may be different for a playoff bound team. The exact day of the draft is subject to change, if we move through the playoffs quickly it will be sooner.

Offseason Schedule

Wild Card Round: Staff Resigning
Length: 2 days

Divisional Round: Nothing
Length: 2 days

Conference Round: Staff Hiring
Length: 2 days

Pro Bowl: Nothing
Length: 0 days

Length: 2 days

Stage 0: Scouting
Length: 0 hours

Stage 1: Re-Sign Players
Length: ~12 hours

Stage 2: Free Agent Offers, Trading Begins
Submit Veterans for Position Change Approvals
Length: ~12 hours

Stage 3 and 4: Scouting and Free Agent Offers
Length: ~12 hours

Stage 5 and 6: Scouting and Free Agent Offers
Length: ~12 hours

Stage 7: Final Scouting
Finish Making Approved Veteran Position Changes
Length: 24 hours

Stage 8: The NFL Draft
Date: 11-03-2013
Time: 9:00 pm ET
Length: Until it is finished.

Stage 9: Rookie Signings
Length: 0 days

Preseason Week 1: Cut Roster to no more than 53 players and no less than 50, do not play preseason game, they will be simmed.
Length: ~ 21 hours, will start sooner if all teams are between 50 and 53 players.

Season 2, Week 1: Kickoff.

Dr. Chuck

Chicago Bears
Season 1: 8-8
Season 2: 12-4
Season 3: 5-11
Season 4: 13-3
Season 5: 10-6