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Nov 1 13 8:57 AM

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Feeling any love for this years crop of Free Agents? (Result)

Dr. Chuck

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Nov 1 13 11:19 AM

Re: Thoughts on the Free agents.

It looks to me these guys want to dig deep into the cap room. I guess if I had the cash I would like a couple of the big name players to help my team out however I think I may have to build from the draft the good old fashioned way.

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Nov 1 13 2:43 PM

Re: Thoughts on the Free agents.

Some pretty good options out there at certain positions. Then again, it's slim pickings at others. I would say an above average FA.

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Nov 1 13 3:46 PM

Re: Thoughts on the Free agents.

Id say its about average. A couple really good players out there. A lot of aged veterans

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