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Nov 8 13 11:14 AM

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During the regular season FA is considered closed. FA can only be acquired in 2 ways during the regular season.

There will be one FA period this year during the regular season. It will be a 2 round serpentine draft. This means that you have the opportunity to acquire 2 free agents. The ordering was determined by the starting overall team rank when signing up for the league, ties were broken by random draw. The draft will start on Saturday, November 8th. The Drafting Blocks will contain 8 each.

There will be PMs describing when each block is up.. You have 24 hours to PM BOTH commissioners with your response. Keep up to speed with where things are as if you miss your time then you will automatically be placed at the very end of the second round of the draft.

When you get a PM there will be a number next to your name. This number is how many players you need to rank based upon your position within your Block (this ensures you get a player if the person in front of you also chooses a player you rank). If it says 7 you need to rank 7 FA's. If it says Rank 7 but there are only 2 FA that you would be interested in then your rankings should look like this:

1. Player A
2. Player B
3. Pass
4. Pass
5. Pass
6. Pass
7. Pass


If you do not plan to pick up a FA please PM us and tell us you are are passing, otherwise you are holding up the draft. Once we have picks from everybody in a block or the time limit has expired we will move on to the next round of the FA draft.

FA draft picks cannot be traded.

As always there may be emergency FA pickups as well that require approval. Starting this season that approval will be granted or denied by StrokeMyBigEgo, so contact him with any such requests and he will tell what, if any, player you can sign. This requires picking the crappiest player (by skill set) available at that position (which may or may not be the lowest overall ranked player). StrokeMyBigEgo will help in determining who that player is.

Draft Order

1. Eagles (Plan B Dubb) - LE, Calais Campbell
2. Rams (JayyKay10) - CB, Eric Wright
3, Ravens (Chancemc123) - No Response
4. Browns (SilentStriker09) - TE, Joel Dreessen
5. Chargers (wavingmirror) - No Response
6. Bears (The 13fhApostle) - RT, Jason Peters
7. Seahawks (StrokeMyBigEgo) - RE, Alan Branch
8. Cheifs (castiale) - WR, Brandon Lloyd

9. Bills (MarkCam24) - Robb Cobb FB
10. Raiders (BizzNezz1St804) - PASS
11. Dolphins (Steelosick) Andrew Hawkins WR
12. Titans (G3t Shot) - NO RESPONSE
13. 49ers (synnnn) - . Cb c. Webster
14. Bengals (AoG_Xer0) - Antoine Caldwell [RG] 82 Overall
15. Cardinals (grayrider98) - FS, Kerry Rhodes
16. Colts (Terav17) - LE T. Jackson

17. Lions (Ralph Vincent) - Sydney Rice WR
18. Buccaners (Bears and Bucs) -LT Levi Brown.
19. Giants (Dadriv) - [color=#008000]Spencer Larsen FB[/color]
20. Jets (Temple Owlz) - Pollard
21. Falcons (neverendergt) - ROLB Lance Briggs
22. Saints (Eleven11nevelE) - -CB Routt
23. Vikings (X UT Vols X) - Nick Foles
24. Patriots (xSuMeYx) - NO RESPONSE

25. Redskins (Trigger21T) - WR Josh Cribs
26. Redskins (Trigger12T) - MLB David Harris
27. Patriots (xSuMeYx) - DT Aubrayo Franklin
28. Vikings (X UT Vols X) - NO RESPONSE
29. Saints (Eleven11nevelE) - SS Meriweather
30. Falcons (neverendergt) - NO RESPONSE
31. Jets (Temple Owiz) -NO RESPONSE
32. Giants (Dadriv) - NO RESPONSE

33. Buccaneers (Bears and Bucs) - WR Emmanuel Sanders
34. Lions (Ralph Vincent) - Kevin Boothe LG
35. Colts (Terav17) - CB K. Hayden
36. Cardinals (grayrider98) - DT, Isaac Sopoaga
37. Bengals (AoG_Xer0) - NO RESPONSE
38. 49ers (synnnn) - NO RESPONSE
39. Titans (G3t Shot) - Rb. Beanie wells
40. Dolphins (Steelosick) - Pierre Thomas HB

41. Raiders (BizzNezz1St804) - NO RESPONSE
42. Bills (MarkCam24) - PASS
43. Chiefs (castiale) - cb b mccain
44. Seahawks (StrokeMyBigEgo) - RT Austin Howard
45. Bears (The 13fhApostle) - NO RESPONSE
46. Chargers (wavingmirror) - cb- nolan carroll
47. Browns (SilentStriker09) - ROLB Ernie Sims
48. Ravens( Chancemc123) - NO RESPONSE

49. Rams (JayyKay10) - FB Hussam Ouri
50. Eagles (Plan B Dubb) -

Teams that didn't respond while on the clock:


Dr. Chuck

Chicago Bears
Season 1: 8-8
Season 2: 12-4
Season 3: 5-11
Season 4: 13-3
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The 13fhApostle

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Nov 8 13 8:23 PM

Re: Season 2 FA Draft Order

Draft order posted. Draft will start tomorrow (Saturday), be checking your PMs. The quicker everybody responds the quicker we can move on to the next block of people. If they CPU picks up a player you wanted during the draft, too bad.

Dr. Chuck

Chicago Bears
Season 1: 8-8
Season 2: 12-4
Season 3: 5-11
Season 4: 13-3
Season 5: 10-6

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