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Jan 4 14 10:07 PM

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Wanted to give you an update as far as the the league's future. Our last season will be this upcoming season (season 3) between the lack of owners, owners who don't schedule games, UNSIM play, padding stats, running up the score, along with a decline in maturity and respect being displayed it is better to end this sooner rather than later.

At this point we do not envision NoDB Football continuing on the next generation consoles with Madden 15. We wanted to give everyone fair notice so that if anyone wanted to try out some leagues this spring with the hope of finding a good one for madden 15 that the opportunity would be available.

Between increased time and effort being required in both work and family life, along with interest in other games and hobbies, we don't feel we have the time and commitment available to continue to run the league at a sufficient quality. We don't want to continue on the next generation when we are not able to give it the time and effort required to make it great.

This year marks the 3rd year in a row we have purchased madden. In the past madden was an every other year purchase or best case scenario back to back years. Our passion for football and our tolerance for EA, is just not as high as it has once been. This coupled with increased time demands from other parts of our lives means it is just time for a change.

This spring we will be more than happy to work with anyone who is interested in taking over the website ownership to use as a hub for any future leagues.

For those of you that are commissioners or recruitment officers for other leagues......please contact us as we would be able to recommend some people for your league.
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Jan 4 14 10:37 PM

Re: League Future/Closing

I just wanted to say that playing in this league for the past year and a half or so has been the best experience I've had with online leagues. I will miss it, but as bucs said, I would rather see it end before it declines any further. I hate that I couldn't stick around for the last season. Good luck to everyone in whatever you might go on to do and happy gaming!

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Jan 5 14 9:33 AM

Re: League Future/Closing

Sucks the league is closing but I very much understand. I just wanted to thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of it; I really wanted to try to build the Cardinals up after the previous owner destroyed their roster. If guys want I can post the link to the other 360 league I play in, I've been in this league since 2007 and they plan on playing the 360 Madden until the next version comes out, I believe we will make the jump to XBOX 1 for Madden 2015. Unfortunately there are no open teams but just like any league, openings come up so you could at least get on the waiting list.

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