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Jan 9 14 11:23 AM

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We will be allowing ONE, I repeat ONE trade with a CPU team this season. The rules for this are going to be fairly simple.

1. The Trade CANNOT involve a draft pick.
2. After you make the trade you most post it here within 30 minutes. Include, Teams involved, players involved, and player positions.
3. You can only make ONE.

The CPU trading will open up Friday 1-10-2013 at ~10 pm ET.


Cowboys (Human Team) Send:
Player Name, Pos
Player Name, Pos

Jets (CPU Team) Send:
Player Name, Pos
Player Name, Pos

Dr. Chuck

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#3 [url]

Jan 12 14 8:19 PM

Re: Trade with CPU

And the Seahawks are slowly being taken apart. The Vikings trade doesn't seem to help you very much. TE Wilson will get hurt and be out for a lengthy period. I see Synnn wants more fragile speedy running backs.

Seattle Seahawks
2013 NFC West Champions

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#4 [url]

Jan 12 14 8:53 PM

Re: Trade with CPU

Hahaha yeah. I tried hard to get Taimani from the steelers, but since the CPU would have none of it I decided 3 tiny speedsters was enough that one would be healthy at a given time. Let's see if I can finally get a 900 yard rusher this year, despite 2500+ yards each season so far.

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Jan 14 14 10:49 PM

Re: Trade with CPU

Lions send

Chris clemons, FS
Blaine nealy, LOLB

Chiefs send

Justin Houston, LE

TN Titans - Superbowl or bust


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